September 18th, 2015

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August 31st, 2015

[Video] The STOC in French Guiana

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August 25th, 2015

[Video] SEOR: a look back over the five years of the programme

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• Heron 126553
• Name : Excalibur
• Sex : Female
• Ring number : EA 584962
• Date marked : 26 April 2013
• Place where marked : Marais de Kaw
• Type of transmitter: Argos (without GPS), battery-powered

19 décembre 2013, 14h51min : Excalibur : end of the transmission !

As remarked earlier, there have been no more signals since the 14th November. Now that more than a month has passed, one has to think that no more positional data will be received from Excalibur ...

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26 November 2013, 20:03 : Position 16 - or end of the transmission?

No more signals have been received from Excalibur since the 14th November ... That means that a good number of recharging cycles for the transmitter have passed with no result: has the battery reached the end of its life?

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14 November 2013, 02:58 : Position 15

Excalibur has not really shifted since October, her movements being only very short-distance ones.

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7 October 2013, 21:43 : Position 14

A new stopover: Excalibur seems to have stopped again, and is staying in the south.

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1 October 2013, 02:33 : Position 13

Excalibur is on the move again, now 10 km south-west of her previous position.

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21 September 2013, 02:38 : Position 12

Excalibur seems to have shifted her favoured area towards the east.

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14 September 2013, 04:52 : Position 11

Excalibur has just moved 3 km to the east. Is this the start of a long flight?

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7 September 2013, 14:42 : Position 10

It's now about three months that Excalibur has been 'resting', just like her counterpart, Kanapaich, two countries further south, in Brazil. A question: do the two birds have synchronous behaviour that affects their phases of (…)

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29 July 2013, 03:22 : Position 9

Excalibur has not moved very far for about a month and remains within her favoured area of Suriname.

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28 June 2013, 18:26 : Position 8

Excalibur seems happy in her humid area of Suriname, and apart from small movements she remains essentially in the same area.

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