September 18th, 2015

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August 31st, 2015

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August 25th, 2015

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• Heron 126550
• Name : Kanapaich
• Sex : Male
• Ring number : EA 584959
• Date marked : 25 April 2013
• Place where marked: Marais de Kaw
• Type of transmitter : Argos (without GPS), battery-powered

29 July 2013, 02:22 : Position 15

Kanapaich has moved about 9 km to the south-east of his previous position.

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12 July 2013, 05:57 : Position 14

Kanapaich is still in the same area of Brazil, in the heart of the Cabo Orange National Park.

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2 July 2013, 03:21 : Position 13

Kanapaich is in Brazil! Between the 28th June and 2nd July, he crossed the river and frontier into the neighbouring country.

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28 June 2013, 18:26 : Position 12

Kanapaich continues to stay near Eskol.

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18 June 2013, 15:24 : Position 11

Kanapaich, apart from small movements of a few hundred metres, has never left his favourite area.

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11 June 2013, 21:32 : Position 10

Kanapaich is between 300 and 700 metres from the tarck.

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8 June 2013, 09:11 : Position 9

Kanapaich has gone back to his favoured spot, the zone between the end of the Eskol track and the Kaw marshes, towards the coast.

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4 June 2013, 22:21 : Position 8

Kanapaich is close to the road of Eskol, less than 300 metres from the laterite.

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1 June 2013, 16:58 : Position 7

On the 1st June, Kanapaich remains in the zone around Eskol.

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25 May 2013, 22:27 : Position 6

Kanapaich seems very happy at Eskol, there having been no records from anywhere else since his arrival there at the beginning of May.

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