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• Heron 126551
• Name : Markaw
• Sex : Male
• Ring number : EA 584960
• Date marked : 25 April 2013
• Place where marked : Marais de Kaw
• Type of transmitter: Argos (without GPS), battery-powered

19 December 2013, 14:49 : Markaw: end of the transmissions!

Markaw's transmitter has not sent any signals since the 20th November. After a month of waiting, one can only suppose that the battery has run down, as has happened with the other transmitters during the same month. Let's be positive, hoping that Markaw has not been eaten by a caiman ... there (…)

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20 November 2013, 16:47 : Position 21

There have been no more signals from Markaw for a week since the one on 20th November. Was that the last position that we will get from this heron?

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17 November 2013, 10:39 : Position 20

Markaw has not really moved since October, and the observers must remain patient ....

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7 October 2013, 20:52 : Position 19

Markaw is still alive, as shown by his movements of a few hundred metres at a time, but he has definitely stopped his long-distance movements for the moment.

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27 September 2013, 21:13 : Position 18

At the end of September, Markaw is still in the marshes.

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14 August 2013, 21:47 : Position 17

Markaw seems to be staying in the Kaw marshes, even after the end of the breeding season, as opposed to the other herons which have all left French Guiana.

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29 July 2013, 02:21 : Position 16

Markaw is still in the middle of the marshes, not far from where he was a week ago.

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22 July 2013, 05:10 : Position 15

Markaw has moved towards the marshes.

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12 July 2013, 02:04 : Position 14

Markaw is still in place in the south.

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2 July 2013, 03:18 : Position 13

Markaw heads south, along the Kaw mountain.

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