September 18th, 2015

The completion of the Life+ Cap DOM programme!

After five years of work, the Life+ Cap DOM programme, supported by the European Commission and…
August 31st, 2015

[Video] The STOC in French Guiana

Since 2012, GEPOG has been running a STOC (point count) survey in French Guiana, along with the…
August 25th, 2015

[Video] SEOR: a look back over the five years of the programme

A few weeks before the end of the Life+ Cap DOM programme, François-Xavier Couzi, Director of…


15 July 2015

[Video] The savannas in images

To increase knowledge of the dry savannas of French Guiana and to enhance this special area is one of the key objectives of the Life+ Cap DOM programme. If the ecological inventories have allowed us to improve our knowledge of this habitat, the various workshops that have brought together the (…)

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10 July 2015

[Video] Interview with Pascal Colin

Pascal Colin is in charge of environmental issues for the Ministry of Overseas France. On the occasion of the final seminar LIFE + CAP DOM, he reaffirms the Ministry support to the project.

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9 July 2015

[Video] Interview with Christian Palin

Christian Palin is Deputy Mayor of the Trinity in Martinique and elected Regional Park. It is on its city that lies the majority of the local subspecies of the White Breasted trasher. Present at the final seminar of LIfe + CAP DOM , Christian Palin returns to the interest of such a program for (…)

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8 July 2015

[Video] Interview with Pierre-Edouard Guillain

According to Pierre- Edouard Guillain, Director of the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity, projects such as the Life + CAP DOM filled a real gap : the lack of monitoring over the long term of the ultra-marine biodiversity. Present for the final seminar of the program, he gives us his (…)

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7 July 2015

A collective success for the conservation of biodiversity overseas

On Wednesday July 1st, in Paris, the seminar on the European programme, Life+ Cap DOM took place. Around a hundred people involved in the field of biodiversity were present, both from mainland France and the overseas territories, to consider the current state of affairs, over two days, of five (…)

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26 June 2015

Twenty-six priority sites for the birds of La Réunion

The Birds Directive of 1979 and the Natura 2000 network do not apply in the overseas territories. Under the Life+ Cap DOM programme, SEOR, in conjunction with the LPO, has developed a methodology adapted to the context of this tropical island for identifying sites that are important for bird (…)

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27 May 2015

The sounds of the savannas

Between the end of March and the beginning of April, GEPOG and its partners welcomed a sound recordist from mainland France to work on promoting the savannas. Over a year, the partners and the inhabitants of the Sinnamary and Iracoubo regions took part in workshops aimed at this task of (…)

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12 May 2015

[Video] Reunion Island seminar : actions and video

From 25 to 27 September, was held in La Réunion, the first seminar LIFE + CAP DOM on "Regulation of large-scale rats, experience feedback, and assessment". The seminar was well attended by over 70 professionals Back automatic online storage facing similar problems ; associations , professionals, (…)

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20 April 2015

A network of sites needing protection in French Guiana and La Réunion

Unlike the situation in the rest of Europe, the Directives concerning Birds and Habitats, and the Natura/Habitats 2000 network of protected areas do not apply in overseas territories. To compensate for this, the Life+ Cap DOM programme has identified a series of important bird areas in La (…)

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20 April 2015

Extending STOC overseas

The 'Suivi temporel des Oiseaux communs' (STOC), a point-count survey technique, was not employed in the overseas territories before the launch of the Life+ Cap DOM programme. Used as a structural indicator by the European Union, the technique has proved its worth, and is seriously lacking in (…)

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