September 18th, 2015

The completion of the Life+ Cap DOM programme!

After five years of work, the Life+ Cap DOM programme, supported by the European Commission and…
August 31st, 2015

[Video] The STOC in French Guiana

Since 2012, GEPOG has been running a STOC (point count) survey in French Guiana, along with the…
August 25th, 2015

[Video] SEOR: a look back over the five years of the programme

A few weeks before the end of the Life+ Cap DOM programme, François-Xavier Couzi, Director of…

Cutting down acacias at the Maison de la Nature de Sinnamary

During the 24th, 25th and 28th October, Elaguyane arrived to remove the invasive Acacias mangium and crassicarpa near the Maison de la Nature de Sinnamary.

The end result of long hours of work in the sun and the rain was 143 trees removed!


This total was extended on the 12th November with the elimination of a clump that remained near the bathing spot of Canceler creek, also part of the land owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral. Another seven accounted for!

Anna Stier
Project Leader, Life+ Cap DOM

Keywords : French Guiana, French Guiana savannas, Bearded tachuri