July 29th, 2015

Latest fieldwork missions concerning Acacia mangium

Between April and June 2015 the most recent fieldwork studies concerning Acacia mangium took…
July 24th, 2015

Taking stock of STOC on La Réunion

In 2014, for the second year running, STOC (point-count) surveys took place across La Réunion.…
July 15th, 2015

[Video] The savannas in images

To increase knowledge of the dry savannas of French Guiana and to enhance this special area is…

Life+ Savannahs on Guyaweb

In French Guiana, is a local website carrying news, adverts and up-coming events.

To round off the year nicely, the site published an item on December 30th about the Life+ Cap DOM Savannahs project. It can be read on the site here:

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Anna Stier
Project Leader Life+ Cap DOM

Keywords : French Guiana, French Guiana savannas, Bearded tachuri