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The sounds of the savannas

Between the end of March and the beginning of April, GEPOG and its partners welcomed a sound recordist from mainland France to work on promoting the savannas.

Over a year, the partners and the inhabitants of the Sinnamary and Iracoubo regions took part in workshops aimed at this task of promotion. They came up with the idea of a themed trail, where improved access on the ground would include sounds as well.

No sooner said, than (nearly) done!

GEPOG therefore called on a scenographer (Agence Rhiza) and a sound recordist (Agence Sonart) to work together on this project.

As a result, on March 23rd Denis Richard arrived in French Guiana for three weeks of work. A sixth workshop with the participants of the previous ones was arranged to define the way forward, concentrating on the overall ambiance and the key sounds; there were two workshops with the children of the village of Bellevue integrated into the regular activities undertaken by SEPANGUY; seventeen interviews with older inhabitants, farmers, partners and residents of the savannas; sound recordings of a writer recounting tales of the area, recordings of the wind, the frogs, the birds and insects, but also the church bells, the sound of the market, of the making of ’bouillon d’awara’ (a local fruit-based dish); meetings with the scenographer, David Tardy ...


All this is currently in progress and will be ready for the public in a few months.
A look at the history of the savannas will soon be ready!

Anna Stier
Project Leader, Life+ Cap DOM