17 août 2015

[Video] Beatriz Conde is part of the Nature Protection

Beatriz Conde is part of the Nature Protection Association Le Carouge and member of the LIFE +…
August 5th, 2015

Agami Heron conservation plan now available!

Following four years of work on the Agami Heron (Agamia agami) and several months of editing…
July 31st, 2015

[Video] Cock-of-the-rock: summary and perspectives

Looking back over five years of work towards protecting the Guianan Cock-of-the-rock in French…

[Video] Watching the papangue

The Réunion Harrier, locally called the Papangue, is the only raptor on Réunion Island. Endemic and threatened worldwide, you can find out more about it with Valérie Grondin, project leader for SEOR. Her enthusiasm is the best of guides!

Observer le papangue
Le Busard de Maillard, appelé Papangue, est le seul rapace de La Réunion. Endémique et mondialement menacé, découvrez-le avec Valérie Grondin, chargée de mission à la SEOR. Sa passion est le meilleur des guides !

Keywords : Réunion, Roche-Ecrite Nature Reserve, Buffer zone of the National Park, Réunion Harrier, Video