September 18th, 2015

The completion of the Life+ Cap DOM programme!

After five years of work, the Life+ Cap DOM programme, supported by the European Commission and…
August 31st, 2015

[Video] The STOC in French Guiana

Since 2012, GEPOG has been running a STOC (point count) survey in French Guiana, along with the…
August 25th, 2015

[Video] SEOR: a look back over the five years of the programme

A few weeks before the end of the Life+ Cap DOM programme, François-Xavier Couzi, Director of…

French Guiana

Atachi-Bakka Mountains

20 km southeast of the town of Maripasoula, in western French Guiana, the Atachi-Bakka mountains cover more than 55,200 ha and have been classified as a Type 1 ZNIEFF (natural area of particular interest in terms of ecology and wildlife). or wildlife).


Kaw Marshes

Part of the Kaw Marshes lie within the Kaw-Roura Nature Reserve, which covers 94,700 ha between the towns of Roura and Régina and also includes the northern part of Kaw Mountain. The Kaw Marshes are an internationally important wetland (RAMSAR site).


Kaw Mountain

Kaw Mountain rises up over the French Guianese coastline, facing Grand Connétable island southeast of Cayenne. Covering an area of almost 38,200 ha, this 40 km long series of hills peaks at 330 m and constitutes one of French Guiana’s Important Bird Areas (IBA).


The Petites Montagnes Tortues

South of the Marais de Kaw-Roura National Nature Reserve, 15 km from Régina, the Petites Montagnes Tortues form a massif of exceptional geology.


Trou Poissons Savannas

The site of Trou Poissons is part of the dry savannas of the ancient coastal plain, which are found mainly between Cayenne and Organabo.