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Kaw Mountain

The Guianan shield region threatened by deforestation
Sites de la Guyane
Sites de la Guyane

Territory : French Guiana
Area : 38,200 ha
Status : Kaw-Roura National Nature Reserve in part, the remainder unprotected
Owner : French state
Management authority : AGEP (Nature Reserve Management Committee), ONF (National Forestry Agency) for the part outside the reserve.
Biotopes : Low forest on lateritic and forest land on upper slopes and ridge.
Uses : Habitats and species conservation, agricultural activities, mining, hunting, logging, hiking, development of residential areas

Kaw Mountain rises up over the French Guianese coastline, facing Grand Connétable island southeast of Cayenne. Covering an area of almost 38,200 ha, this 40 km long series of hills peaks at 330 m and constitutes one of French Guiana’s Important Bird Areas (IBA).

Cyathea microdonta, la montaña de Kaw, Guayana, M. Boudrie

Located in one of French Guiana’s wettest areas, Kaw Mountain is rich in biodiversity and hosts numerous endemic species. It is home to numerous potential sites for Guianan Cock-of –the-rock, an emblematic and endemic species of the Guianan Shield region. The forest is also known for its flora and insects as well as reptiles and avifauna.

The greater part of the site is state owned; the government has delegated management to the ONF( National Forestry Agency). The forest is being cleared in the western part of the mountain to make way for farms and residential areas, in response to recent strong population growth in the area. In the south, mining activity is more important and the site hosts one mining concession and two exploration permits. Logging and developing eco-tourism activities are concentrated in the center, largely because the northern part of the mountain is a nature reserve (Kaw-Roura National Nature Reserve).

Keywords : French Guiana, Kaw Mountain, Guianan Cock-of-the-rock